Paying taxes is never a fun chore, and it’s hard to know whether you’re going to owe money, be in the clear, or get money back. has all of the information to look for when you’re trying to complete your own taxes, as well as how to budget leading up to them and make the best decisions when filing. We’ll keep you informed on changes in the current tax system, things you should be aware of, how to choose an accountant to file for you, and anything else you may be looking for.

  • Three Business Taxes for Small Businesses

    Paying taxes is inevitable. Everyone has to do it, whether you want to or not. By preparing for tax season and having all of your documents from the year organized and ready to go, you’ll avoid any unnecessary stress that will prolong the tax process. As long as you already have an estimated amount of money set aside to pay…

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  • Good or Bad Idea: Living in States With No Income Tax?

    In 2018, more Americans moved to Oregon and Idaho than any other state (except for Vermont). Meanwhile, the State of Washington ranked sixth nationwide in terms of incoming domestic migrants. Perhaps most noteworthy is that Washington is amongst the states with no income tax, but Idaho and Oregon aren’t. Why, then, did more people move to the latter two than…

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