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  • Insurance

    How Much Life Insurance Should You Get?

    The realization of mortality affects people in different ways. Life events such as marriage, having children, and taking on large debts have a big impact on how people feel about what they are leaving behind. Many people have some level of concern about how they will be remembered. Will you leave behind burdens, debts, inheritance, or memories? Regardless of what…

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  • Investing

    Robo-Advisors: Advantages of Automated Investing

    An automated investment manager, or “robo-advisor,” is a wealth management tool that utilizes software to develop and execute investment strategy.  Based on algorithms and mathematical presets, it was popularized in 2010 with the advent of the company Betterment and has since grown to around 500 billion in assets under management worldwide.  So what makes this type of investing so popular,…

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