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  • Photo of Understanding Stock Arbitrage

    Understanding Stock Arbitrage

    Understanding where to find stock arbitrage is an opportunity for large, safe returns.

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  • Photo of Credit Cards as Your Automatic Budgeting Machine

    Credit Cards as Your Automatic Budgeting Machine

    When used appropriately, credit cards can act as an automatic budgeting machine to save you time and effort.

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  • Photo of How Much Life Insurance Should You Get?

    How Much Life Insurance Should You Get?

    The realization of mortality affects people in different ways. Life events such as marriage, having children, and taking on large debts have a big impact on how people feel about what they are leaving behind. Many people have some level of concern about how they will be remembered. Will you leave behind burdens, debts, inheritance, or memories? Regardless of what…

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  • Photo of Cash Out Refinancing Strategy

    Cash Out Refinancing Strategy

    Searching for extra cash to take a vacation, invest with, or make home improvements can create nerves. Being too eager to take cash from your assets could put you in a vulnerable position. If you own a home and have some equity in the property, creative refinancing strategies exist that could be preferable to personal loans or credit card usage.…

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  • Photo of Life Insurance on a Child

    Life Insurance on a Child

    When looking for growth in savings, it is wise to plan around market-based vehicles. Although, assuming this is the best strategy in all situations is an over-simplification. Different goals call for a diverse range of strategies. For example, saving for children can look very different than planning for retirement. For one, you have to prepare for the inevitability that these…

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  • Photo of The Advantage of Term Insurance

    The Advantage of Term Insurance

    It is difficult to fault anybody for wanting to leave a legacy for their family once they pass on. For this reason, opting for permanent insurance over the inexpensive alternative of term insurance is understandable. As long as you pay your premiums, you know what your family will be left with regardless of when, where, how, or why they will…

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  • Photo of Insurance Offered Through Credit Cards

    Insurance Offered Through Credit Cards

    With credit cards, it can often seem like benefits and rewards are ploys to get you to enroll in debt and steep interest. Credit cards make money through interest paid on your debts. So, yes, their goal is to put you in debt. Still, there are benefits in credit cards that make their usage a good choice. If you make…

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  • Photo of What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

    What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

    For somebody renting a home, an added monthly expense that doesn’t provide food or entertainment can cause irritation. With many apartment complexes now requiring renters insurance, it is best to know what renters insurance does and how it can benefit you. Not knowing what your renters insurance is in place for could mean that you end up spending your own…

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  • Photo of What is Value Fund Investing and is it Right for You?

    What is Value Fund Investing and is it Right for You?

    The goal of the value mutual fund – like that of many mutual funds – is to grow. The difference is in how it operates to achieve that goal. While most funds will operate more conservatively or aggressively, a value fund operates with more of a conservative aggression by seeking to invest in funds that are undervalued. This opens up…

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  • Photo of Building Your Financial Structure

    Building Your Financial Structure

    There are a lot of elements that go into building strong finances around your life. Many people start with savings for retirement but too few think beyond that aspect. What else should you be paying attention to in order to make sure the financial structure you are building for your family is one that will last through good times and…

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