Do You Need Travel Insurance?

A lot of consumers feel that having top of the line home, medical, and auto insurance will protect them from anything that comes along. However, none of that coverage guarantees that you will have the protection you need internationally or when you decide to leave for a vacation to another country. You never known when something unpredictable could happen that may not have you covered by your current insurance.

For example, the incidents below could happen at any time and are often only covered by international travel insurance policies:

  • Lost luggage
  • Accidents
  • Diseases
  • Dental care
  • Rental car damage
  • Evacuations
  • Trip cancellations

Planning for the Unexpected

Any vacation and how well it goes depends on how well you can plan ahead and be ready for the unexpected. One of the best ways to prepare and give yourself peace of mind is to purchase international travel insurance before you climb aboard the airplane, boat, or bus. However that can sometimes be a lengthier process than many people first expect.

First off, you want to gather all of the insurance policies that you have already signed up for and see which travel coverage would be offered by each of those policies. There are a number of liability and homeowner’s policies that offer some sort of travel insurance, so make sure that you understand all of them so that you do not end up paying for any type of coverage twice.

If you notice that a lot of protection is missing in your current coverage plans, then you need to seek out travel insurance in order to be sure you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Essentially travel health insurance is a specially designated policy that is in place to cover any medical expenses that may be incurred while you are abroad. The importance of this type of policy depends on how likely you think you are to get sick on vacation or need medical attention. If you are worried that something may happen or need a good amount of medical attention at home, then you cannot ignore travel health insurance.

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Cost of Medical Care Overseas

While there are a number of policies that offer to cover reasonable costs, you could be in a lot of trouble should something out of the ordinary happen. Most normal policies will not cover something such as an evacuation out of a country, and the cost of such a transfer is estimated to be at least $50,000.

If that kind of expense would put you in serious financial trouble, then travel health insurance is something that you need in order to protect your life and your assets.

Senior Citizens should note that Medicare does not offer any medical coverage outside of the United States, so without the right travel policy, you will be on your own when on vacation.

High Risk

Even the healthiest of individuals can find travel to another country to be stressful and rigorous. A new climate, new diseases, new elevations, and a whole host of other changes can take a toll on your body. Thankfully, there are a number of US consulates that can help you out and point you in the direction of medical help should something occur.

However, without the right travel insurance policy, you will be responsible for all of the bills that you leave behind. If that is a risk you can learn to live with, then all the power to you. But considering the reasonable price of travel insurance policies these days, the one time payment can often be more than worth the stress relief that it offers.

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