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Best Apps to Keep Up With the Stock Market

Technology is making it easier than it has ever been to invest and keep up with the stock market. You can use apps to track developments in different economies, invest, and keep track of your portfolio and finances. Some people are hesitant to rely too much on technology when it comes to the stock market, but we wholeheartedly recommend giving some of these technologies a go and seeing if they work for you. This article covers some of the best apps for investing and banking, as well as for understanding the stock market and keeping abreast of changes that are relevant to you and your portfolio.

You may be a little hesitant in trying out these technologies, but many of them offer a free trial period, which is helpful in deciding whether or not you want to take the plunge and make them a part of your routine when it comes to the stock market. Some can also just be used purely for obtaining or keeping up with information regarding the stock market or financial developments in the world, so it does not actually necessarily involve your finances directly.

Stocks Live

Stocks Live is an app that can be used both on the iPhone and iPad, and it offers a wealth of features that make it easy to keep on top of changes in the stock markets around the world. It offers real-time coverage of global events that are relevant, as well as live quotes for stocks, which is a real help if you are involved in swing trading or you want to follow as closely as possible with developments in different stock markets. Stocks Live is not limited to a single currency, so it lets you track several different major global currencies. This feature is advantageous if you are interested in investing widely outside of the US economy.

The app also makes it easy and straightforward to search and track stocks, as well as mutual funds and ETFs. It would perhaps be best-suited to somebody who is busy but wants to keep up with developments in different markets as much as possible while they are on the go. Stocks live provides concise and condensed information, as well as makes it possible to search for further information on matters that are relevant or of interest to you. You can create your own watch list, and there is no limit on how many stocks or shares you can add to it. This means you could potentially keep track of prices of thousands of stocks at a time, if you so choose.

It is also possible to use Stocks Live to search for fairly comprehensive information on many different companies, if you are interested in purchasing shares in them but are maybe a little skeptical or apprehensive about them. Stocks Live often provides comprehensive analyses or breakdowns of such companies, as well as estimates of their earnings in comparison to competitors they may have.

Another great feature of the app is that it lets you set up hypothetical scenarios of earnings of your portfolio based on predictions or forecasts of its analysts. You could therefore build up a mock portfolio and then see projections of how well it should perform based on the data that Stocks Live has available at the time. This makes it useful to people who are maybe not too experienced in investing or who are looking to branch into different asset classes and would like some type of guidance or forecast before putting real money into it. This is coupled with the fact that Stocks Live offers comprehensive support around the clock, and it is generally oriented towards providing the best experience possible to customers.

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Stock Ratings

Another app that is highly useful for following along with developments in the stock market is Stock Ratings. The app is free, and it offers its users a thorough breakdown of developments in the market. Users get a daily update on different trends, analyses, and strategies of happenings in different stock markets around the world, as well as analyst advice on how to build up or develop your portfolio and which stocks are trending up or down. The app consolidates this information into one place, which makes it easier to keep track of and manage, generally speaking. It is possible to look at historical ratings, and the app currently follows the New York Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange.

Stock TickerPicker

This app is a good option for those who are into the nitty-gritty of stocks and finance, so to speak. Stock TickerPicker is an app that could be a good choice to complement technical analysis that you may do or follow along with regarding stocks and the market. The app is essentially a collection of various relevant charts to the stock exchange, and it also consolidates other information, like stock quotes and watch lists. It is optional to pay a small fee and have thereby access to other, more detailed information, like investment research. The app supports both the major stock exchanges (NYSE, TSE, NASDAQ, and LSE) and other markets around the world.

Real Time Stock Tracker + Alert

Real Time Stock Tracker + Alert is a free app that consolidates information relevant to stock that is generally useful for those involved in trading or investing to have access to. This includes information like real-time quotes, tracking of a portfolio, and alerts regarding the market. One feature of the app that is especially useful is that it is possible to keep track of more than one portfolio at a time, which makes it great if more than one person wants to use the device that it is on or if you have several portfolios yourself and want an easy way to keep on top of developments that are relevant to all of them.

The app also provides fairly detailed data and analyses regarding price and volume, as well as relevant news, and it is possible to have quite complex charting for different geographical regions, like Asia or Europe. You can also use the app for real-time tracking of Bitcoin prices, which is a fairly unique feature, and obviously useful if you have any interest in cryptocurrency.

E*Trade Mobile

Apps nowadays can also be used for heftier tasks like investing. E-Trade was one of the first brokers to offer online investing, and it has been fairly groundbreaking in that respect. The firm began to serve customers online when the internet was in its early days, and it has continued to pioneer in innovative digital solutions for finance and investment. E-Trade is a trusted name in the field as a result, and its app is far ahead of many of its competitors. It offers a handful of advanced features that allow you to make the most of your trading and investment opportunities. There is also no account minimum, which makes it somewhat easy compared to its competitors in terms of actually beginning to invest with the app.

Some of the more advanced features that the E*Trade app offers include a performance risk tool, which lets you forecast to some degree how your portfolio can perform based on relevant data that the firm has and the algorithms they use. To have access to these features, however, it is necessary to use the Power E*Trade app, as they are not available on the standard one. Therefore, you need to use both of the apps if you want to use all of the features that E-Trade offers with regards to trading and investing.

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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity carries out and offers results from very high-quality research in investment and the stock market, and they now have an app which lets you access this data with relative ease and convenience. The apps have been designed to resemble the experience that users have on the desktop site as closely as possible, which means they are fairly comprehensive and offer an impressive range of information and findings. The app is also universal to iOS and Android, so the experience that you have as a user is the same regardless of the platform that you use the app on.

It is also possible to use the same app across several different platforms and integrate the experience so that you receive the same tailored information and do not have to adjust settings if you go between, for example, an iPad and an iPhone. There is also a game on the app, called the Five Money Musts, which is geared towards helping those new to investing understand how to best get started and gain a foothold in the market. Fidelity also offers a news feed so you can receive information to your device which shows developments and updates in the market, as well as news that is relevant to finance in general from global events, more broadly speaking.


The Bank of America now owns a subsidiary company known as Merrill Edge, and they have an app which allows you to link your bank account or banking activity to your investments for a more integrated and straightforward way to invest. The mobile app has a portfolio summary available, which shows you your portfolio, as well as developments that are important to see. Through the portfolio, you can also see statistics related to the performance of your portfolio, and these can be customized depending on what you wish to emphasize or focus on.

It’s fair to say that the app is quite oriented towards giving customers a developmental and positive experience with investing, and there are therefore many features which emphasize helping customers understand the market and their portfolio and make the most of their finances. For example, there are several tools available that can be used for setting financial goals and planning financially or with regards to stocks that you might own. This is especially useful if you are not used to projecting very far ahead with your investments and makes it much easier when you can visualize the trajectory you would ideally want your portfolio or finances to experience. There is also a website, which is useful if you want to access the service from different platforms.

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