Stock Market

The world has an abundance of markets, and they all have independent and dependent relationships with the rest of the world. explores markets around the globe, how they impact one another, and what it means for our future economy. Learn about the finances of specific markets from trade, to production, to profit, to debt, and more.

  • Vying for Position: Reserve Currencies

    Reserve currencies - the creme de la creme, the best of the best, the apple of the monetary eye. What many monies wish to be and what to so few are afforded the crown. Aspirations aside, it’s no laughing matter to countries vying for position as the next great issuer of a global reserve currency. So why all the fuss?

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  • The Stock Buyback Hype

    Stock buybacks have been in the news frequently in the last few years. Some say they are responsible for the markets’ new all-time highs, pointing to the fact that buybacks are increasingly occurring in record numbers. Others cite them as a harbinger of healthy company growth. So what exactly is a stock buyback, how does it work and what are…

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  • Securitization: Why It Should Matter to Every Investor

    Securitization, though it may sound complex, is actually a relatively simple concept.  While it is useful for efficient markets, used improperly securitization can also cause meltdowns such as the crisis of 2008 – when toxic mortgage bonds seeped into people’s portfolios causing substantial, unexpected losses for everyday investors.  Understanding how securitization works, as well as the ways in which it…

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