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  • Photo of Trade and Your Wallet

    Trade and Your Wallet

    During the last few years, international trade took center stage. Today, it is even more important to analysts, media pundits, investors, and other economic players. Above all else, issues related to the China tariffs list, the potential USMCA trade agreement, and Brexit have a direct impact on household budgets. To clarify, volatile trade relations translate to unstable food, energy, and…

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  • Photo of The Best Online Budgeting Tools for Taxes

    The Best Online Budgeting Tools for Taxes

    In a previous article, we outlined the advantages of using online budgeting tools for your taxes. We also discussed how the IRS customer service team may offer free support and guidance. These different tax-preparation methods can save you plenty of money and time, while enabling you to discover new deductions and credits. Some of the most prominent apps include PocketGuard,…

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  • Photo of The Hidden Burden of Sales Taxes

    The Hidden Burden of Sales Taxes

    Imagine that you’re in line at the grocery store. As the cashier rings up the other customers’ items, their total payment and sales taxes show up on the register. Meanwhile, when it is your turn, the checkout employee deducts your taxes or refunds you the amount in cash. If you happen to live in one of the states with no…

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