• Photo of The Best Savings Opportunities in 2020

    The Best Savings Opportunities in 2020

    When we entered 2019 one year ago, businesses and consumers, alike, were concerned about the economy. During that time, trade relations between the US and China escalated. In addition, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates several times in 2018, with more increases planned for 2019. Just as importantly, the stock market plummeted and reached alarming lows. However, one year later,…

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  • Photo of How Brexit Impacts American Consumers

    How Brexit Impacts American Consumers

    This week, the Conservative Party won the parliamentary and UK prime minister election in a landslide. As a result, the Tory government will almost certainly conclude Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU). Equally as important, if Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson delivered Brexit today, his Conservative government will immediately aim towards reaching a trade deal with the US. Even…

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  • Photo of Trade and Your Wallet

    Trade and Your Wallet

    During the last few years, international trade took center stage. Today, it is even more important to analysts, media pundits, investors, and other economic players. Above all else, issues related to the China tariffs list, the potential USMCA trade agreement, and Brexit have a direct impact on household budgets. To clarify, volatile trade relations translate to unstable food, energy, and…

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